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«Norway will develop a value chain for the production, distribution and use of hydrogen with no or low emissions and contribute to developing the hydrogen market in Europe.»
Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. (2022). Roadmap – The green industrial initiative.

Exploring Hydrogen for a Greener Tomorrow

Agder is rapidly emerging as a key player in the hydrogen revolution, positioning itself as a hub for hydrogen production and technology. The region's strategic location, abundant renewable energy resources, and innovative projects are driving its growth in this sector.

Several significant hydrogen projects are currently in development in Agder:

  • Greenstat is constructing a hydrogen production facility in Kristiansand, with construction set to begin in autumn 2024. This project, known as Hydrogen Hub Agder, will be developed in two phases: Phase 1 is a 20 MW electrolyzer producing around 8 MT of green hydrogen per day. Phase 2 is expansion to a 60 MW facility.
  • Kvina Energy, inted to build a park in Kvinesdal that will produce hydrogen, oxygen, and ammonia.
  • Å Energi is exploring large-scale green ammonia production in Kvinesdal.
  • North Ammonia, established by Arendals Fossekompani, is developing projects for green hydrogen and ammonia production. Their Eydehavn Green Ammonia facility in Arendal is scheduled to be operational by 2027/28.

The Hydrogen Hub Agder project, now fully owned by Greenstat, has received significant support, including a NOK 148 million grant from Enova. Its strategic location near Kristiansand's port makes it ideal for supplying green hydrogen to the maritime industry, a key focus for decarbonization efforts.

Agder's hydrogen industry is attracting both domestic and international investment. For example, La Française de l'Energie (FDE) has become the largest shareholder in Greenstat, providing access to capital for realizing hydrogen production projects.

While exact figures for turnover and employment in Agder's hydrogen sector are not publicly available, the industry is in a phase of dynamic growth and development. The region's competitive and competent environments are contributing to the development of hydrogen value chains, positioning Agder as a potential leader in the hydrogen revolution.

By focusing on green hydrogen production for maritime transport and industrial use, Agder is aligning with global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. This strategic approach not only supports the transition to cleaner energy sources but also creates opportunities for economic growth and innovation in the region.

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