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Offshore wind
«Norway will become a leading nation in offshore wind, with an industry that develops and builds superior wind power solutions. The Government's ambition is to allocate areas with potential for 30 GW of offshore wind production on the Norwegian shelf by 2040.»
Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. (2022). Roadmap – The green industrial initiative.

Agder - a world-class supplier industry

The offshore wind industry is experiencing unprecedented growth worldwide as countries strive to reduce their carbon emissions and transition to renewable energy. Harnessing the power of the wind at sea offers a sustainable and abundant source of electricity.

Agder's offshore wind industry is in a phase of significant expansion. For over five decades, the region has been home to a world-leading supplier industry for offshore technology, primarily serving the oil and gas sector. This expertise now forms the foundation for Agder's transition into offshore wind, with the region boasting cutting-edge technology in logistics, ICT solutions, drilling, and cranes.

The region's commitment to the green transition is evident in the collaborative efforts between business, academia, and public administration, all focusing on offshore wind development. Agder's infrastructure is rapidly expanding to meet the industry's needs, with three assembly and installation ports in Farsund, Lyngdal, and Mandal. These ports currently offer 725,000 m² of space, with projections to reach 2,325,000 m² by 2030.

Agder's coastline benefits from excellent wind conditions, making it an ideal location for offshore wind farms. The Sønnavind A area, situated off the coast of Agder, has been identified as particularly suitable for offshore wind development. Additionally, several other promising areas near Agder, including Sørvest C, D, E, and F, offer further potential for expansion.

To capitalize on these opportunities, the region has launched "Future Offshore Wind," a collaborative project aimed at ensuring Agder's success in establishing offshore wind infrastructure. A key component of this initiative was the establishment of a new national competency center for offshore wind in Kristiansand, further solidifying the region's position in the industry.

With its natural resources, existing expertise, expanding port facilities, and focused initiatives, Agder is well-positioned to play a crucial role in realizing Norway's offshore wind ambitions.

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